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Workout At Tiffany's: A Performer's Favorite Recovery Tool!
09.09.2020 | SOFTERSPOT | What People Are Saying About SOFTERSPOT!

Miss Tiffany Tynes-Gonzales (IG: miss_tiffyt) is one of our most decorated and prolific brand reviewers so far!


Based in Los Angeles, California, Tiffany is a performer and producer. A member of the Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (an American labor union representing approximately 160,000 film and television actors, journalists, radio personalities, recording artists, singers, voice actors, and other media professionals worldwide), Tiffany is also the founder of Another Funny One Productions, an entertainment service designed for performers, directors, producers and more to find what they need quickly.


Additionally, she’s Tae-Bo certified and operates Fierce Fit Club By Tiffany (IG: @fiercefitclubbytiffany), in addition to the Shoptique (IG: @theshoptique), an “online boutique for anyone everywhere”! 


But instead of having us rattle on and on about how amazing Miss Tiffany is, why don’t we see what she has to say about herself?


“Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.


I would say the one thing that sets me apart from others is that I do not just stick with one goal. I have several! I am an actor, writer, director, filmmaker, content creator, online boutique owner, and much more. I think it’s so important to have many goals instead of just one. I am the person who can act in your film or walk on stilts if needed (yep, I’m also a stiltwalker) and I love it! Is it easy? Absolutely not! Being a filmmaker, of course there are many factors that can make or break my project and the major kicker is having a budget. That is why I work so hard and hustle in so many different areas to overcome those challenges. The biggest lesson I have learned along the way is working with others who have the same level of hustle that I do and most importantly, keeping a positive mindset at all times. I want the world to know that I am the hardest working girlboss that they will come across and anything I put my mind to, I make it happen, no matter what!”


And check out what she has to say about the Softerspot S2 Massage Gun!


“The [Softerspot] massage gun is AMAZING! My IT band is always so tight which also causes my knee to hurt but this S2 massage gun has helped me so much!”


“I love how small and quiet it is and I love all the attachments that come with it!”


“The ball head is definitely my favorite out of the four!”


“I use it for 15 mins at a time, and I haven’t had to charge the battery yet!”


“I give it a 10/10!”


“I highly suggest the Softerspot S2 Massage Gun … which is totally, totally worth it!”


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