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Softspot Massage Gun Review 2020 - If Theragun & Hypervolt Had a Baby!
08.20.2020 | SOFTERSPOT | What People Are Saying About SOFTERSPOT!

Scott Behrends of Iowa is the perfect reviewer for our product!

Having once appeared on American Ninja Warrior (his sons have also competed on American Ninja Warrior Junior). Scott runs his own Ninja-training-obstacle-course-gym called “Ninja U” that hosts ninja competitions for like-minded competitors of all ages.

Scott regularly trains with full-range exercises and recovers using a variety of massage guns (he has reviewed at least a dozen different massage guns at the time of writing!).

The Softerspot Massage Gun is one of his favorites because of the following reasons:

(1) Amplitude: massage head travels up and down 12 mm (Hypervolt: 10 mm, Theragun: 16 mm)

(2) Speeds: 20 speeds (BPM 1200-3200)

(3) Stall force - how much force it takes to stop: “Incredible … especially at lower speeds”

(4) Quietness: “one of the quietest ones I’ve tested” - use it “while you’re watching a movie/having a convo”

(5) Battery life: “Charge once or twice per week .. at most” (use regularly and share with friends)

(6) Ergonomic: not heavy

(7) Affordable: “[price is] absolutely insane [compared to other well-known massage guns]”

Check out his video review above if you need more convincing!