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SOFTERSPOT S1 Massage Gun Review
01.09.2021 | SOFTERSPOT

  1. Power: As their baseline model this particular gun is great for average joes who are just getting used to this whole massage thing. It's more than enough for daily maintenance and CNS wake up drills.
  2. Sound: This gun definitely takes the grand prize for low decibels. I've not seen another model or manufacturer this quite producing this amount of power.
  3. Battery Life: This little beast holds a solid charge. I'm able to complete several days' worth of applications and use before recharging. It recharges quickly and I've yet to see the battery life begin to deteriorate after about 2 months of frequently recharging it.
  4. Attachments: They offer a nice spread of 6 different attachments including a wedge-style head that's great for scraping applications.
  5. Settings: With a 9-speed 'Fitness' and 2 speed 'Medi' setting this gun offers more precision and versatility for settings than most.

All in all, I'd say the @softerspot Massage Gun is a great, dependable starter massage gun that most anyone gets to find a good use for!

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