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Slayer Says: Get the Softerspot S2 Massage Gun!
09.09.2020 | SOFTERSPOT | What People Are Saying About SOFTERSPOT!

Lori Slayer is one of our favorite brand ambassadors so far!


Aside from her absolutely stunning physique, Lori was a joy to work with as she took the time to live with and fully understand our Softerspot S2 Massage Gun before rendering a verdict: “it’s a muscle saver in keeping my gains in check” and “it’s comfortable & easy to use -it’s super quiet! -the battery is long-lasting”.


We were super glad to pass the Lori Slayer test, so we thought that we’d share a quick profile of this Conroe, Texas-based personal trainer, fitness model, and dedicated mother!


You can tell from Lori’s physique (IG: lori_slayer_) that she doesn’t skip legs days … or any other training days for that matter. In fact, Lori will train for about 2 HOURS on most days, but if she doesn’t have enough free time, 30-60 minutes will do just as well. According to her profile on, She’ll just make sure to incorporate more drop sets and supersets in order to increase intensity; thus compensating for a shorter workout.


Surprisingly, for someone as cut up and vascular as Lori, she doesn’t do much cardio. According to her profile on, there is not much need for cardio in her daily regimen.

Occasionally, she may go out outdoors to run or do a steady 30-minute walk. However, other than that, she doesn’t feel the need to do much cardio. I guess some people are just gifted that way!


Lori does more than just lift hard and lift heavy though, since, after every workout, Lori dedicates at least 10-15 minutes of her time to stretch the muscles she’s worked out that day. One of the reasons for this is the improved flexibility she gets. And another reason is a decreased risk of injury of her muscles.


And of course, she also uses recovery tools, including the Softerspot S2 Massage Gun (which you can get $20 off on by using the coupon code: LORISLAYER20)!


When it comes to Lori’s diet, there are no secret ingredients – only dedication and planning a week ahead. She knows that in order to keep her awesome shape, she needs to eat balanced meals; containing protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Lori also makes all of her foods in advance. This helps her avoid going to restaurants too often, and also, prevents her from binge eating ‘cheat meals.’


In keeping with the upbeat tone of her profile on, let’s finish off with an inspirational quote from the incredibly fit lady from Texas:


“Be proud of your progress, no matter how long it takes. I promise those small results every week will add up to big results over time. Results are what motivates me to wake up early AF (not a morning person), and push my body to its limits.


Start with short term goals and don’t wait until Monday Motivation or the New Year to light the fire under your butt!! Every day is a new clock, a new day to kick ass harder than you did yesterday. If ya want it …go get it!” – Lori Slayer