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Everyday Superman Profile: Pat McNamara
11.24.2020 | SOFTERSPOT | What People Are Saying About SOFTERSPOT!

After a career with one of the most elite and covert Spec Ops units in the military (1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta), Army veteran Pat McNamara now has a very public persona. 

In his book "The Sentinel", McNamara explains how we are all "the agent in charge of our own executive protection detail" and how everyone can easily apply some special operations tactics to their daily lives. The examples he uses are really not paranoid, but rather add a layer of planning and preparation that make even mundane trips to Walmart seem exciting. How do you identify a threat lurking in a parking lot? Would you know how to get out of a building if it caught on fire -- or worse yet -- came under fire from a lunatic? 

Not long after he left the storied Delta Force special operations unit in 2005 as a Sgt. Major, McNamara established his own training and fitness company, dubbed Tactics-Marksmanship-Adventure-Concepts-Security, based in his hometown of Pinehurst, North Carolina. Since then, McNamara has emerged as one of the most innovative — and edgy — tactical trainers in the business.

With an aggressive in-your-face style that doesn’t suffer fools, McNamara has never been afraid of challenging the tactics of other high-profile competitors.

But McNamara’s skills go well beyond the range or the gym. A student of sports psychology and leadership under stress, the former commando is always trying to find ways to teach students better and challenge the status quo.

“The guys I’m training, I want them to be stronger and more effective, because I need them to be stronger and more effective,” McNamara says. “I’m always trying to be a more effective instructor … and to present a more powerful delivery so that learning takes place more effectively.”

Despite his Athenian physique and distinctive, pointed goatee, McNamara does have a softer side as well — he’s a diehard fly fisherman, musician and an graphic artist who’s unapologetic about his new mission as a family man and husband.

McNamara is also known for his "Basic Dude Stuff" videos. The short video clips are really just McNamara doing basic tasks around the house, including making his wife coffee. According to the Spec Ops veteran, "Basic Dude Stuff is really just things everyone should know how to do ... I love it when people are self-reliant and can't stand it when people are reliant on somebody else to serve them. You should just know basic stuff."