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Emergency Workout Plan
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All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a pull up bar for this routine. This routine is designed for when you don’t have the time or motivation to head to the gym. 

The best part? You’ll be done with this workout in 30 minutes. 

Dumbbell Snatch 

Start with a dumbbell between your legs. Fold yourself at the hips, bend your knees, and grab the dumbbell with one hand. Drive your hips forward and pull with the arm to throw the weight overhead. 

The weight should move in a straight line until your arm is fully extended over your head. Then lower the weight back down to your shoulder, and then top the floor. 


Even though we don’t really need to explain this one, we’re going to do it anyway. 

Hang from a pullup bar with your grip at least shoulder width. Pull yourself up while bringing your shoulder blades down and back, so that your ribcage lifts up. You should tuck your chin and bring your shoulders down as well. 

Lead the pull with your elbows and pull until your chin is elevated over the bar, hold for a second and then lower yourself down to the hang you started with. 

Single-Leg Dumbell Deadlift 

Hold a dumbbell in one hand in a shoulder width stance. Lift the foot from the same-side as the one in which you’re holding the dumbbell off the floor, then fold yourself at the hips and balance on the other leg. Move your torso down until it is parallel to the floor. 

Once at the bottom, bring your hips forward in one flowing motion to slowly come back up. 

Dumbbell Bent Over Row 

Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Fold yourself at the hips so that you’re in a deadlift position and your arms are fully extended with the dumbbells in front of your. Squeeze your shoulder blades back and together to row the dumbbells to your body.

Lead this move with your elbows, hold for a couple of seconds at the top and then slowly lower the dumbbells. 

Dumbbell Push Press

Stand with a dumbbell in each hand at the shoulder level using a neutral grip. Flex your core, and use your legs to quickly lower yourself and then back up. This will help to push the weights overhead in one flowing motion. Lock out the arms at the top and lower the weight slowly back down while keeping your core flexed. 

Once the weight reaches the shoulders again, quickly drop and bring yourself back up with your legs. 

Dumbbell Floor Press

Start by lying on your back, exactly as you would in a bench press position. 

Keep your lower back arched and your knees bent for stability. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Now pull your shoulders back and raise your rib cape. Push the dumbbells away from your chest and extend your arms fully, then slowly lower your arms until your elbows touch the floor. 

Repeat for reps.


We suggest you do 4 sets of pull ups with 10 reps each. Then 4 sets of dumbbell push press with 10 reps each. Followed by 4 sets of dumbbell single-leg deadlifts with 10 reps per leg.

Take a 1-minute breather. 

Then continue with 4 sets of dumbbell floor press with 12 repetitions each. Continue with 3 sets of dumbbell snatches with 6 reps per arm. Then finish with 3 sets of dumbbell bent over rows with 12 reps each. 

You can either rest 90 seconds at the end of each set of movements, or complete these moves in a circuit by doing 1 set of each and resting once you’ve moved through all of the moves once. 

We suggest you alternate between supersets and circuit training to confuse your body and prevent it from plateauing - once your body gets used to a set of exercises, you’re unlikely to gain significant muscle mass even if you increase the weight, which is not what we are going for with this routine anyways. 

In either case, this routine should take you about 30 minutes to complete. We don’t suggest that you do this workout everyday due to its relative simplicity, save it for emergency workouts only!