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Built-in LCD Touch Screen on Softerspot S2 Massage Gun
09.04.2020 | SOFTERSPOT | What People Are Saying About SOFTERSPOT!, NEWS

Check out what Digital David has to say about our Softerspot S2 Massage Gun!


The lithe modern guru with a penchant for reviewing digital products starts off by listing off the components that come with your order.


1) Travel case, with a carrying handle, which makes it easy to transport as your head off to the gym OR for you to bring between your home and office!


2) 20 Adjustable Speeds - Digital David goes the extra mile and confirms that the Softerspot S2 Massage Gun comes in 20 adjustable speeds, ranging from 12,000-32,000 rpm. 


3) 4 detachable massage heads 


The Ball Head is good for any part of the body, particularly the large muscle groups;

The Bullet Head is better used for pinpointing specific areas of the body, particularly deep tissues and joints;

The Flat Head is also good for any part of the body, like the Ball Head attachment;

The Forked Head is great when used for the neck and spine.


4) Manual complete in color - coloration is a must for clearer understanding of product use!


Digital David also points out his FAVORITE features about the Softerspot S2 Massage Gun :


A) Grip Handle - comfortable to grasp and easy to maneuver for more flexible use


B) Built-in LCD Touch Screen - this Digital David’s favorite feature by far, as it allows the user to adjust/control the speed settings, as well as monitor battery life all from one place


C) 26000 MilliAmp Battery - 17 Hour off Battery Life


D) Air vents on top - for a machine as quietly powerful as the Softerspot S2, ergonomically air vents are absolutely necessary (that’s our secret for success)!


E) Easy Insertion from Front - highly responsive insertion slot for the different massage heads allows you to quickly switch between different parts of your body for the best overall experience!


F) On/Off Button & Charging Port on the bottom - for a machine as good looking as the S2, we couldn’t let it’s appearance be affected by a randomly placed charging now, could we?


Having tested the Softerspot S2 Massage Gun, Digital David’s tip for any new users of the Softerspot S2 Massage Gun is to

“Always start with a low speed” and adjust it to a speed that’s consistent with your comfort level as you familiarize yourself with the machine.


As far as room for improvement, Digital David says that he would like to see more attachments for the future because while four massage heads will meet all of your recovery needs, it’s always good to have more options!


We couldn’t agree more!


Thank you for your great review Digital David!